Liquid is important

August 31, 2017 | In Design | By Tom KraMer

And so is keeping track of it

Have you ever made the new year resolution to drink more water? I have. But I always end up getting so confused with keeping track of my intake that my usage ends up trailing off. After all, I don't want to stretch my bladder for no good reason.

Amy Williams is about to change all that. She has invented a tiny gizmo that can fit on anything near your water container that can be clicked every time you take that last swig out of your bottle... and track your usage. 

Make Cool Stuff Too

Pretty convenient, and simple as well. Manually clicking a button is easier than whipping out your smartphone to dig through apps, and cheaper than a technology that can tell you finished the bottle without telling it.

Kablooe is proud to have helped Amy design and build this device. Check it out here: Liquid Count


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